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Found what I want to do recently

Some shooting ideas and short-term plans

Although it seems that the recent essay updates are more frequent, in fact, it is often a long time after the previous essay came out. It has been almost half a month since I finished coding the content. The delay of time makes the notes seem very frequent, but this is not a bad point. Like this article, in fact, it is also written a week ago, and it is good for the audience to understand.

It has been more than a month since the start of the New Year, but it is very nerve-racking to write a slightly logical code recently. Have to say that after work, the original and student days, or there will be holiday syndrome, code level to restore to the year before may still need some time, the better the code code, the easier the work, this is also a positive feedback, with the current nature of the work, code level is indeed closely related to the standard of living after work, overtime is not, but to be able to complete tasks at work. You can also borrow the computing resources of the unit to do some split network training or other things you want to do, that’s the best. Take advantage of this time to sort out the recent events, and then make arrangements directly for things, so as to improve the utilization rate of time.

Improve the level of the main business

CVPR 2023 is in full swing, and I feel that I will start to play some games this year. Otherwise, the competition experience will be old. In the short term, there is no requirement for my skills, and I still can’t lie flat. In the long term, I can’t block my career path, but I also need to diversify my sources of income. In short, professional content, although remote sensing research still needs to read some journals, but read some top journals to understand the main content, the most important thing is semantic segmentation and other in-depth learning applications. Taking this idea as an opportunity, I thought about what I could do in the near future and summed it up for myself.

First of all, it must be to run through the network of convnext-v2 this year. Although it seems that the content of the change is not much, it is also the old way of improvement. Fortunately, CNN is still strong. There was still a period of time before, and I wanted to see the division of attention mechanism such as transformer, but now it seems that it is not necessary in the short term. It is estimated that CNN, which exists for the use of work content, can also achieve good results, at least in terms of the work at hand, it is still discussed more in the labeling stage. Sure enough, as the textbook says, “One of the current problems in remote sensing applications is the diversity of data.” It is estimated that at my level, I can still use CNN for a period of time. If I can’t find a big man to do some discussions, I can also cope with more scenarios. However, the number of papers in the past 23 years has been ranked first, which is not particularly difficult to imagine. With the recent popularity of AI creation, it is not difficult to imagine that once the level of computing power and hardware keeps up, the actual in-depth learning has really reached the level that can replace some people’s work. I don’t know much about the diffusion model, and I just want to take advantage of this year’s “first year of diffusion” to read the relevant content.

Invest in learning

This is mainly because I accidentally read some relevant content about investment and learned some relevant financial knowledge, which is really beneficial and harmless. If you have just graduated, you may be short of money in the short term for most people, but the earlier you actually learn, the higher your grasp of knowledge, and after you really master a certain amount of wealth, you can make decisions more calmly, which is why you don’t choose to learn at the age of 30.

At present, most young people’s financial means are nothing more than funds. Indeed, excellent fund managers can meet the investment needs of ordinary young people. In fact, if ordinary people can reduce the loss of inflation to a lower level through the fund, I think that’s enough. After all, the general type of work in youth will be affected by the income of different economic levels in different regions. If I had 3, 4 w savings now, I would not be able to do so. Then my choice is probably the fund, perhaps in my mind, at least to reach more than 6w deposits to have the ability of venture capital.

However, before the age of 30, I think we still need to set up our own quantitative investment framework, increase venture capital appropriately, and give ourselves more market opportunities. In fact, whether we can have this fund to realize our investment plan at that time is another matter, but there must be a dream. Quantitative investment needs knowledge, for me at present, is quite a Big Mac. Fortunately, I have a good brother who studies finance. If he gets a master’s degree next year, I will need to communicate with him about this idea.

Quantitative investment and the work I do, a lot of technology stack inevitably intersect, the only thing that needs to be supplemented is the relevant knowledge in the financial field. A friend of mine has taught himself in his sophomore year and has experienced the stock battlefield. Presumably, the stock market is still an empirical investment, but it is difficult for laymen to have any profound insights after all. Let’s put the idea on the ground first.

Some artistic shooting ideas

Recently, it is also getting closer to artistic creation and photography. After all, it is not the material to eat the bowl of rice of commercial photography. It is good to occasionally engage in artistic creation to cultivate sentiment and ensure that artistic creativity will not lag behind. Creativity, after all, is a very strong ability that is different from AI creation and is most unlikely to be defeated by AI later. Now that we have this path, we still need to take a step forward. Art is bold and avant-garde, but do not want to break away from the public, but also think about a lot of themes, want to land these themes in the near future.

The first one may be the new Chinese style I wanted to shoot before. The difference between the new Chinese style and the traditional ancient style is exactly what attracts me. Nowadays, the ancient style is overflowing, and the streets can be seen everywhere, which can be said to be tired of seeing. The new Chinese style has a tough and cool style, and I like this theme very much. Nanning has a lot of real estate before, inside the garden has adopted the new Chinese garden, there is a period of time to invite many network bloggers to punch in and shoot, that is the owner has not yet moved in time, now to go in the requirements are simply higher than the sky, but it is true that the scenery inside, because it is a famous designer who spent money, is far more than a free park with a wonderful combination of gardens and Chinese landscape. If there is no way, you may have to choose a free park in the end, and choose a higher one to shoot. This is still the city heritage is not good, to be placed in Suzhou, then the Chinese gardens are chosen casually, the scenery does not need to worry at all.

The second one, I think, is the ruins dancer. This is partial art, but I can really imagine that the film will be very good. There is a strong contrast between the ruins and the dancing clothes of the scenery. At that time, some light and shadow arrangements may be used to make the environment more prominent. However, the first scene was stuck. I wanted to go to a dilapidated factory building under the Liangqing Bridge, but on the second floor of the factory building, there were several big holes in the ground in a few steps. Safety issues had to be considered. It’s okay that the model was fixed, but she was afraid that she would use a fixed focus head. When she was absorbed in shooting, she took two steps down from the second floor of the factory building. The first floor was not considered, and it was completely a pile of waste mud. Of course, this can be done easily with a zoom lens, but it’s dangerous after all, and communication with models should also be considered. As the last choice, I want to look at other flat locations first, and minimize the danger first, which is the first element of my creation. After all, I was a little anxious after the model’s mobile phone was stolen.

The third group is the Japanese style of the little cook in the cake shop. This would like to pay tribute to the instant noodle animation “Invincible Kanban Niang”, of course, at the beginning I do not understand this animation, then B station turned over to see, inspiration immediately came, but also specially made up a few episodes. If you want to shoot in a cake shop with a good sense of light and atmosphere, when it comes to this, you have to talk about cooperation. It’s not so easy to go directly to the scene to inquire. You still have to communicate in advance. In case the content is popular, you can also drain the cake shop. However, I think there are more things to think about in the three industries that are known as female entrepreneurship and bankruptcy, but it is not something that should be considered now. This may use the focal length I do not want to use to shoot, after all, is indoor, 35mm has a natural advantage, but 35 I have not been very good to use outdoors, may also be the problem of lens language, perhaps to the scene can really be handy, again before going to B station university preview preview, should not be a big problem.

The fourth group is also the latest creative idea. One day, I saw the application of deep learning in Weiqi, saw the word Weiqi, and had a connection with ancient times, and then I wanted to shoot a group of portraits with a cool sense of Weiqi ancient style. The difficulty of this mainly lies in the setting and makeup. We need to have a studio or venue. We need to find an opportunity to talk about some studio cooperation. If not, we can only rent a homestay and set our own scenery. However, if you want to interact with Weiqi, you have to take a picture of the chessboard. A good Weiqi chessboard is very heavy, and you probably don’t want to move and buy it, so you can’t think of any solution. Let’s take a look at the time and see if there is any opportunity.

Code collation

I didn’t expect this, but it was also expected. In fact, many people asked me by email for the source code of some technical blogs before. Although I had planned to put the code in the warehouse for hosting, I always forgot it because of the revision of the version and the stacking of the work content. Let’s see when we have to put this thing up.

Nicknames are a funny thing.

In fact, when it comes to this word, different age groups have different immediate reactions. As far as I can guess, young people may be more personality, while middle-aged and old people are calm and direct names. Nicknames often reflect a person’s character, and a lot of personal thinking, want to play pig eat tiger, sincere, non-mainstream, in short, nicknames are often complex, but sometimes direct. The rise of nickname culture is estimated to start from the first-class QQ, which will be simpler and more complex and changeable in the future. English and special characters add color to personalization. Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with it. Personalized expression is needed in the era of personalization to be seen. From head portrait to nickname, the status of nickname is not low.

But the reason why I want to write this essay is that every time I meet with a netizen, I often call out the nickname of the other person by default without knowing the name of the other person. At this time, whether your nickname sounds good or not, or even whether it sounds good or not, becomes a key factor in choosing a net name. In fact, there is nothing to say, the nickname is more often free from the heart, what needs to be improved, open the mobile phone to open the editor, change one on the spot.


In short, under the premise of promoting the boring main task, in fact, what attracts me more is the secondary task arranged according to my interest. I will try my best to complete the situation that I want to better take into account my postgraduate entrance examination and artistic creation, as well as the study of some new technologies. In general, I really don’t have any external conditions to contact with this field. Maybe you can understand one or two things at the postgraduate stage. Maybe the new starting point is still at the postgraduate stage.

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