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Record a relatively large update, the text style gradually turned to serious (do not know whether it is good or bad), hoarded a lot of articles sent out at one time, the following is the main article.


It is better to start at once than to lament that the road is difficult.

About me

Remote sensing scholar, deep learning switch man, automation algorithm chicken, is also a trainee of portrait and landscape photography who has been practicing for two and a half years. One of the two provinces in Lingnan, a second-tier town, barely fed and clothed, still pursuing a higher goal, a better life, and trying hard.

This blog mainly records personal learning route and experience, and occasionally shares life. If you are interested in the content and want to communicate with me, welcome to communicate with me by email. I hope it can help you.

Research content

At present, it includes not only semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, target detection and super-resolution reconstruction, but also the latest large model SAM and Geospatial-SAM deep learning applications.

We have also done some desktop and web deployments, but the language features and energy issues have not been done in depth to meet the needs.

About tipping

At present, the blog does not intend to take this profit, or hope to make some contributions to open source.


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