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My 2019

Think about the past, start the New Year

After returning to school, my study life is always monotonous, the basic melody is to attend classes, change papers and do transversal projects, but I have more or less practiced some skills and deepened my understanding of the profession.


The teacher took over a transversal, which is said to be a job with a certain unit, emmmmmmmm. the basic operation is to update high-precision vectorized houses in the provincial area, that is, drawing.

The first time I stayed up until 4 o’clock just to draw a diagram!

Light pollution host and me

while juggling changing papers

Daytime classes are intense and I basically draw overnight, so don’t ask me why I have electricity/manual comedy. (But an excellent university should not lose power at night / manual sigh)

After staying up for several days in a row, Jia gave me a cigarette and a bottle of beer, so that I do not let them bail out so easily / manual anger, of course I am not smoking nor alcoholic five good youth 🙂 !

A cigarette and a glass of wine small blue bottle

After almost a month of continuous boiling, finally a little top, online purchase of a bottle of small white wine, I do not know what the idea at the time, I think think drinking will be comfortable? In fact, the taste is not very good,, but buy all bought, a night a small drink

idle shot

One day after taking the time to come, in front of the library to shoot the beautiful

The first moment I saw the mind did not turn around, hindsight may be the test teaching students left behind

This semester is very full of courses, so we have a lot of class pressure, which is not captured this scene

A student who is paralyzed

Just after exams and ready for vacation (in fact, many people have already left), a rare time of personal court sports


The thesis work is a continuation of the summer 3D tilt photography experiments, in fact, the innovation point is very weak, but send a nuclear (water) heart (journal) estimated that the problem is not big. In order to make up for the lack of experiments, winter vacation also left more than a week, went to the test area to collect some verification GPS points, although not very difficult, but the loneliness is very strong, a person in the test area drumming.

To ensure the number, insurance hit almost 70 points, the entire test area 2 * 2km, tired of fast.

Second party experiment

This experiment was directed by another teacher and is a study on scale effects, but I did one of the branches, so I won’t expand on it in detail.

Equipment flush

The test area is a wetland park, but the destruction of man-made farming has been very serious, wetland conservation awareness, a long way to go. 30 minutes drive to the wetland park

Set flight parameters

Experimenting together with a buddy to help keep an eye on the data

This is where I have to say that DJI’s intelligence is really too high, basically I just need to change the parameters and let it fly on its own the rest of the time, the whole experiment is very easy and pleasant 🙂 🙂 .

After the data collection, the main thing is to go back to the laboratory to do econon (ecognition) of the multi-scale segmentation, is also running for several days and nights, doing tests and I think all scientific experiments are a process like this. But this is a long-term job, so I will write a separate article if I get results later.


Half of my junior year has passed, but it is true that in this year, the effort and the reward are almost proportional, and it is a very training year. I hope there will be such opportunities in the future.

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